Flying in the Heat August 10, 2018 - Play it Safe Given the warm temps at the field lately, a reminder to all to bring lots of liquids. ¬†Glider pilots flying outside of the main pattern can sit under the main tent in the shade but must be … Read More
Field Access Update August 8, 2018 - The property owner has removed much of the gravel located where the truck lot was. When the work is finished, the owner will cut a slot in the western berm and have us drive along the southern edge of the … Read More
A change to the rules: Drones August 1, 2018 - The executive has recently decided to reopen the field to multirotor flying by existing members (those who were members before July 1, 2018) and for any new members who demonstrate a primary interest in fixed-wing aircraft. The rationale We'd heard … Read More
New Website August 1, 2018 - We've launched a new website that offers a cleaner, simpler interface and will feature timely news. There are plans to have an online application option in place for the 2019 flying year. ¬†For now, the existing forums are still up … Read More
Passing of Mark Sanders August 1, 2018 - Sad news Mark Sanders, our club founder and original president, passed away on June 4. Mark will be fondly remembered as the driving force behind the creation of the club and also for his stubborn enjoyment of the traditional aspects … Read More