The executive has recently decided to reopen the field to multirotor flying by existing members (those who were members before July 1, 2018) and for any new members who demonstrate a primary interest in fixed-wing aircraft.

The rationale

We’d heard from members about how they’d like to be able to fly their multirotors from time to time. Given that the club location is a safe place and there are many times when the field isn’t busy, those members wanted to enjoy more of their toys. At the same time, we also heard from others that they’d want to keep the club focused primarily on fixed-wing aircraft.

By extending the privilege to fly multirotors again, we’re also making clear our commitment to ensuring the club remains a fixed-wing club at heart.

The fine print

  • multirotors are only to be use for pleasure; no commercial test flights or flying of UAVs weighing more than 3.5kg (for groups or individuals wanting to use our space for testing of larger UAVs, please contact Tim, our Chief Pilot)
  • multirotors must be flown in the same area as all model aircraft – NEVER fly over 400ft AGL, over other property, over the hangars to the west and always fly within unaided line of sight (of pilot or spotter)
  • multirotors should be flown so as not to impact the activities of other pilots; be courteous when planning your flight time
  • no gates or obstacles for the purpose of drone racing are to be placed on the runway at any time
  • when flying FPV, ensure you have a spotter and fly within the pattern if other aircraft are in the air; alternately, you can fly to the area east of the pattern area but must return to the pattern when approaching to land

We’re in the process of updating our club rules and these changes will be reflected.