The property owner has removed much of the gravel located where the truck lot was.

When the work is finished, the owner will cut a slot in the western berm and have us drive along the southern edge of the property to where our access road begins now.

Until then, if you don’t want to drive through the rough main lot with your vehicle, you can proceed onto the main field/runway area. Drive straight through as you come into the property off 152nd Street and keep to the right of the airplane hangars. Hang a right past the parked trucks and keep to the edge of the field until you reach the pits area.

You can park anywhere to the west of the pits or you can drive SLOWLY through the pits area to park in any of the main parking areas.

We’ll update once we know more about the new road.

Update September 1st: Efforts will be made to get a timeline for the reconnection of our road access in the coming days and a new posting will be made at that time.