Play it Safe

Given the warm temps at the field lately, a reminder to all to bring lots of liquids.  Glider pilots flying outside of the main pattern can sit under the main tent in the shade but must be at the flight line for launch and recovery.

Much of the grass around the runway is quite dry.  If you have a significant crash into the short grass areas in and around the runway area, please take one of the fire extinguishers with you in case of a battery fire.  The outer grass surrounding our flying area is much greener, taller and tends to absorb the impact of all but the largest models with little damage.

All surrounding fields are close to and, in parts, below sea level.  There can be standing water in areas of these fields even at this time of year.  There are also irrigation ditches that are difficult to see in the tall grass.

Tall Grass Recovery

If you crash your plane in the tall grass areas in the north, northeast or eastern fields, please do not just walk out if you are alone.  This grass can be over 6 feet tall in many areas and is very difficult to navigate!

Take water, a cell phone and, if possible, work with others.  Take your transmitter: ensure the throttle is off but use the sound of the servos moving to help you locate the model. Consider buying a beeper to attach to your model. Beepers can be set to work with a failsafe or spare channel.

You can be mere feet from your model and not see it.

A member returns after recovering his model from the tall grass. A drone with HD video was used to quickly find the model.

If you cannot quickly locate your model, contact Tim, our Chief Pilot, and arrange for a fly-over with a drone with live HD video for a quick, coordinated recovery.  There are several members who can assist with finding your model using this approach.

Fly safe!