UPDATE (October 2018)

The access road has been upgraded for the winter rainy season.

Two loads of gravel have been added and the road has been graded with a large Bobcat.  Some of the western areas of the newer portion of the road has been shored up to stop erosion.

We’re hoping the work on the road done this spring and again just recently will be enough to keep the water from the southern property at bay for the winter. We’ll be monitoring it in the coming weeks as the rains get worse.

Special thanks to member Gerry V., who hauled his giant Bobcat out all the way from Abbotsford and got the job done!

Original Posting

The landlord has created a new path to our access road.  The new road is smoother and avoids the old dustbowl truck lot.

Instead of driving through the truck lot or straight out onto the runway, we now access our main access road via a new route along the south end of the property.  Need detailed instructions?

  • Enter the property from 152nd Street
  • Hang an immediate right and drive through the first parking area to the far end
  • Turn left around the cement blocks
  • Drive along the southern edge of the property until you reach our original access road
  • Continue driving to the pits as you did before
  • Do stuff
  • Leave the way you came
Entry to the new access road that runs along the south end of the property
View of road along southern edge of property towards our pits area


Members should no longer use the main runway access to drive to the pits.  Please use the new road only.