Renegade Flyers will be hosting the 2020 MAAC zone-H annual general meeting on September 27, 2020 at 12:00pm.

We have a large tent to host a gathering of MAAC members outdoors and should be able to meet any provincial health guidelines regarding a meeting of people under 50.

We have also invited all MAAC pilots to bring an airplane and fly, weather permitting, between 10 and 4.  If you have something to sell, feel free to bring it.  While we don’t have any organized swap meet spaces or tables available, there’s always opportunity for a deal.

Please bring masks on this day if you wish to attend the AGM so that we can safely gather under the tent if the weather is poor.  Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available for all to use. There is a portable toilet available.

Please see our updated Club Field page for directions on how to find our field and how to get to the pits area.