Local RC Flying

The Renegade Flyers is a private, MAAC-affiliated club for enthusiasts involved in the building, flying and sometimes crashing of remote-controlled model aircraft. We’re located in the heart of Surrey, B.C.

Originally named after the founding members who flew together as a collection of friends at a nearby park in Delta, BC, the group decided to form a proper club in 2014 under the leadership of our founding president, Mark Sanders.  Since the doors opened officially in 2015, we’ve quickly grown to become a mature club with a great core of active pilots.

We enjoy flying model aircraft of all types and sizes throughout the year when the weather permits.  We’re made up of and accept pilots of all skill levels and offer instruction for beginners looking to join the hobby.

Member sets up model at the club
Member George and assistant set up his 1/4 Curtiss Robin on a cold morning.

MAAC & Governance

Being a MAAC-affiliated club, we require all members to have MAAC memberships.  This membership must be paid for and active before you can join as a member or fly your model on our site unless under direct supervision of an instructor pilot.

We have a permanent executive group that governs the club and ensures things run smoothly.

President: Jim
Previously our VP, Jim recently stepped into the President role after the passing of our founding president.  Jim oversees the administrative tasks of the club, organizes meetings of the executive as needed and leads any disciplinary measures.

Vice-President: Rick
Rick recently stepped into the VP role to support Jim as needed.  Rick is also passionate about ensuring our physical grounds and fixtures remain in good shape.

Treasurer: Cy
Cy keeps the books in good order and processes new membership applications.  Got dues?  You want Cy.

The Unlisted
Other members regularly step up to help keep the club running smoothly, the students flying, the grass well-trimmed and the potholes filled.  We all know and appreciate who they are.

The benefits to a private club is a more streamlined operation and, typically, less politics.  Member input is always considered and we’ve become a better place collectively over the last few years.  We’ve created a welcoming environment for pilots of all skill levels, ages and abilities in the template of a classic model aircraft flying club.

Interested in joining? Come for a visit!