If you have any safety concerns, questions about the rules, or would like to suggest new safety rules or procedures, please leave us some feedback.

A scene all too familiar. Members repair a model at the field to keep it airworthy.

Important Note: MAAC is requiring members to affix their MAAC number, the MAAC web site address and phone number to each model.  Members names and personal phone numbers are optional. This information must be attached to the model structure and not batteries, access hatches or other parts that could become detached during flight or a collision.  More information on this can be found on the MAAC website, specifically the MAAC Policy and Procedures Document MPPD-10.

We have a 400 foot normal ceiling for our flying pattern.  Glider pilots can fly up to 700 feet if they have a dedicated non-flying spotter.  Any pilot intentionally flying their model over 500 feet is required to use a telemetry system that provides realtime altitude updates.

All pilots are required to perform range checks for each aircraft at the start of the flying day.  All aircraft must be equipped with a functioning failsafe on the throttle channel that cuts power to the motor or engine within 5 seconds of losing signal from the transmitter.

Please download our rules and familiarize yourself with them:

Renegade Flyers Rules [PDF; Updated April 2022]