If you have any safety concerns, questions about the rules, or would like to suggest new safety rules or procedures, please leave us some feedback.

A scene all too familiar. Members repair a model at the field to keep it airworthy.

Important Note: All pilots must now operate under Part IX of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. This includes holding a Small RPAS Pilot Certificate for at least Basic Operations.  All aircraft must be registered with Transport Canada and all pilots must comply with any documentation and logging requirements as laid out in the CAR.  More information can be found here.

We have a 400 foot altitude limit for all flying. We’re located approximately 3.2 nautical miles to the east of a small airpark and we do occasionally see small aircraft flying near our field.  All pilots should always be aware of the airspace around us.

All pilots are required to perform range checks for each aircraft at the start of the flying day.  All aircraft must be equipped with a functioning failsafe on the throttle channel that cuts power to the motor or engine within 5 seconds of losing signal from the transmitter.

Please download our rules and familiarize yourself with them:

Renegade Flyers Rules [PDF; Updated March 2023]