Q: Is there a membership wait list?
A: We are a private club and reserve the right to restrict membership numbers.  Each calendar year is different and our membership numbers vary from year to year.  As of summer 2020, we are accepting new member applications.

Q: Do you have discounted memberships if I join late in the year?
A: If you join the club after September 1 of any given year, you will be given a card for the following year. This will allow you to fly the remainder of the current year and all of the next year.  This coincides with MAAC’s membership renewal ‘rollover’ date, also on September 1.

Models roosting at the edge of the pits waiting for their turn to fly.

Q: Can I use my 72Mhz or 50Mhz transmitter at the field?
As a general rule, we allow and encourage digital spread-spectrum transmitters only. (433mHz / 2.4Ghz / 5.8Ghz).

We are revisiting the blanket restrictions on 72Mhz/50Mhz equipment for certain cases, such as new members rejoining the hobby or prospective members with older equipment and with the expectation of an expedited transition to a spread spectrum system. There is no frequency impound at our field and any member flying on 72Mhz or 50Mhz (with prior permission only) will be required to ensure their frequency is secured before they fly.

We require that all transmitters have a valid IC/FCC number affixed or printed on them.  This is typically not a problem for any mainstream branded transmitters such as Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, FrSky, DJI, etc, but may not be present on cheap direct imports.

Q: Are gas/glow powered planes allowed?
Yes. Internal combustion powered aircraft are permitted but noise levels are strictly enforced.

All engines must not exceed a noise level of 92 dB. The noise level is defined as the average of four readings (front, rear, left and right) measured with “A” weighting, 3 ft. (1 m) above the ground and a distance of 10 ft. (3 m) from the model. Jet turbine powered models are prohibited.

Q: Can I fly my helicopter or multirotor at the club field?
Existing club members (before July 1st, 2018) may fly multi rotors (drones) with the understanding that our club is primarily intended for fixed-wing models.  New members who demonstrate a primary interest in fixed-wing models and have been checked off as a certified fixed-wing pilot will be granted the same privilege.  See this news item for more information.  Helicopters are currently not permitted but scale heli flying will be considered for future seasons after consultation with the membership.

Renegade Flyers should not be considered by those who want to fly drones or helicopters as their primary activity.

Q: Does the club allow 3D flying?
A: Yes. 3D flyers are expected to fly within the pattern of airplanes already airborne but may fly anywhere within the permitted airspace when flying alone.

Q: Is there an altitude limit?
A: Yes. 400 feet is our maximum altitude for all flying.

As RC pilots, we’re at the bottom of the food chain. We all have a duty to sense and avoid any and all full-scale aircraft.

Q: Do you allow FPV (First-Person-View) flying?
A: Yes, with conditions.  Any pilot using goggles or a headset that blocks peripheral (drone racing gear; goggles; etc) view MUST have a spotter standing or sitting with them. The spotter must not be using any FPV equipment. Any pilot using a monitor or screen for FPV that does not block the pilot’s peripheral vision (monitor; phone or tablet with a drone controller; etc) does not require a spotter.  Any pilot flying FPV while other aircraft are in the air MUST fly in the pattern or in the eastern areas outside of the existing pattern.

All airborne video transmitters (onboard the aircraft) capable of operating on the 2.4Ghz ISM band MUST have a valid FCC/IC number affixed or printed on them or available in the official documentation kept with the aircraft.

Still Have Questions?

If you would like clarification for any of these questions or if you would like to suggest another question, contact us.