Flying in the City

Located in the heart of the City of Surrey, the Renegade Flyers field is a hidden gem for radio control enthusiasts. Easily accessible from the Greater Vancouver area, the field is suitable for most radio control model aircraft (with the exclusion of jet turbine powered models).

Our runway is approximately 200×50 feet long with a sizeable tall-grass run-off when landing to the west.  The runway has a grass surface and is maintained year-round as the weather permits.  We have four permanent pilot stations and a separate glider pilot’s box.

Due to nearby hangars and structures on the western edge of the property, our usable airspace is ‘lopsided’ with a much larger flying area available to the east than to the west.  Despite this, our pilots enjoy a standard pattern with left or right turns dictated by wind-direction.

Our open-ended eastern flight area over grasslands offers an excellent area for thermal soaring.  Our glider pilots can fly above or east of the existing flight pattern throughout the day.

Getting to the pits

Once you enter off 152nd street, you want to make an immediate right turn and drive through the parking area until you reach the southern edge of the property.  Make a hard left turn and continue on the gravel road until you reach the pits and parking area.

map to the pits


As a flying club with our own dedicated space, we’re able to offer a full range of facilities on site:

  • large covered area
  • outhouse
  • four pilot stations
  • glider pilot’s box
  • pit area with tables
  • a run-up table for nitro and gas-powered aircraft
  • wood stove for winter flying
  • on-site club property storage
  • BBQs for member use
  • controlled-access road
  • ample parking

Pits Shelter

Runway Looking West

Runway Looking East

Pits Area